Where to take swing dance classes in Bangkok, Thailand

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in ‘Swing Time’

If taking swing dance classes in Bangkok, Thailand is something you have always wanted to do, you should head over to The Hop —  a dance studio in Bangkok that offers swing dance courses on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Beginner classes at The Hop include the Lindy Hop, the Jazz Step, the Charleston, Blues dancing and the Balboa, so you can sign up for the type of swing dance you like the best.

If you do register for a class at The Hop, they are held for one hour every week with a choice of either Tuesdays or Thursdays. If you prefer weekend classes, there are Saturday classes for one hour and 10 minutes, with a 5-week long schedule.

The price is 2,600 baht per course for all classes.

The Hop recommends you take every class in the course you sign up for, as different things are taught in each one. The first two classes are the most important, however. That is why, if you do miss the first two, you will not be allowed to take the course.

There are courses available for all skill levels. If you are new to swing dance classes in Bangkok, you will also need to know which level you are likely to be at before registering for a course.

You can find out how The Hop classifies levels here, starting from beginner right through to advanced. Once you have figured that out, all you then need to do is register for a course, show up and dance.

Check out the current schedule on The Hop’s website, and have fun learning how to swing dance!