Which are the Best Upscale Attractions, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand?


We often get asked, which are the best upscale attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. There are literally thousands of them, and they’re all spectacular, so it can be very difficult to choose.

Today, I was scouring YouTube looking for a few videos to post to give you an idea of some of the best upscale bars and restaurants in the city, but then stumbled across this excellent City by City HD video by Patravi Travel Tec that covers some of the more expensive places to visit on a trip to Bangkok.

As it covers everywhere I was planning on recommending, I just had to post the video as I really think it gives some excellent suggestions for a starting off point.

Jim Thompson House, Arun Residence, the Metropolitan Bar, Sirocco Sky Bar, Long Table, Calypso Cabaret and, of course, The Grand Palace are all just about ‘must go’ upscale attraction in Bangkok, as well as some of the nicest places in the city.

With many, many, many upscale bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, shows, hotels and more, Bangkok is the city to come to if you truly want to experience a high-class lifestyle — especially if you’d like to do it cheaper than in New York, Paris or London.

These places are wonderful places to start.