Will Bangkok and Chiang Mai US Embassies be Open During US Government Shutdown?

US embassy bangkok will be open


Just in case you’re wondering if the US embassy in Bangkok and Chiang Mai will be open during the US government shutdown currently ongoing, according to them they will be.

A notice posted on the US embassy’s website in Bangkok and on their Facebook page simply says:

“The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok and Consulate General Chiang Mai remain open to the public. As always, our priorities remain providing safety, security, and service to U.S. citizens. We are open for all consular services, including visa processing.”

So, if you’re planning on a visit to either the Bangkok US embassy or the one in Chiang Mai, you shouldn’t have any problems. After all, the US government may be shutting down many essential services in the United States itself but so far, at least, US government services in Thailand are all fully operational. Let’s hope that continues.

For more information about everything the US embassy in Bangkok does as well as details about visa processing, passports, notary services etc, check out their excellent website.