Yaya Urassaya Sperbund: The Most Beautiful Girl in Thailand? (Video)

With the millions of Thai girls who really are simply beautiful, it is hard to choose just one girl that we would call “The Most Beautiful Girl in Thailand”. One look at the face of Yaya Urassaya, though, a Thai actress who is as sweet as she is beautiful, and it would be hard to find anyone even more beautiful than her.

Yaya Urassaya is a Thai actress and model, who is “luk kreung” like many girls in the entertainment business in Thailand. Luk kreung, if you are not aware, is a Thai phrase meaning someone who has one Thai parent and one white foreign (usually western) parent.

Yaya Urassaya’s mother is Thai and her father is Norwegian. Her full name is Yaya Urassaya Sperbund.

She is currently 26 years old (born March 18th, 1993), but has been capturing Thailand’s heart since she was a teenager. No surprise as, every time you see Yaya anywhere, she is always happy and smiling. With those twinkling eyes and beautiful smile, she really is captivating.

So is Yaya Urassaya the most beautiful girl in Thailand? Let’s just say, even as a completely heterosexual western woman, I still find Yaya hard to tear my eyes away from. She really is that beautiful.

For more information about Yaya, check out her website — it is only available in Thai, but has lots of gorgeous photos to look at and fun videos to watch.