You Know You Have Acclimatized to the Weather in Thailand When……..

Dusit Chiang Rai Thailand early morning


You know you have acclimatized to the weather in Thailand when……………. it’s bloody freezing when you wake up.

This morning I woke up at 8am shivering so much I had to get up and put a long-sleeved shirt on. That’s because I sleep on top of the bottom sheet with no blanket or sheets as coverings – the Thai way. During the night, I also don’t use air conditioning as I’ve found over the years I don’t need it, although I use it often throughout the day.

This morning, though, I was shivering when I woke up, which is usually a good indicator that the temperature outside is lower than normal. So, I got online and checked the temperature in Bangkok.

79 degrees.

Yes, you could say I have acclimatized to the weather in Thailand as, back in the US, 79 degrees would have been a ‘warm day’. In Bangkok, it’s cause for me to get out the long underwear and make sure I have a blanket on hand when I go to bed tonight.

God help me. I’ve become Thai 🙂