Yum & Tum at Central World Plaza, Bangkok: The Best Thai Salads

If you are looking for a traditional Thai restaurant in Bangkok that serves Thai salads as well as other typical Thai food, you cannot go wrong with Yum & Tum at Central World Plaza in Bangkok.

I ate there yesterday with a Thai friend who eats at Yum & Tum often (pronounced Yam and Tum) and, let me tell you, it’s one of the best traditional Thai restaurants in Bangkok that I have eaten at.

The atmosphere too is nice as it’s decorated in a mix of traditional Thai style and a modern loft style, with a bright pink ferris wheel in the middle of the restaurant — and yes, it does go round and round and round.

The menu is large with a variety of mainly Thai salad dishes — although, in Thailand, the word ‘salad’ doesn’t really mean what westerners think it means. Thai salads have some vegetables but mainly include things like chopped up noodles, rice, fruit and quite a lot of fish or meat.

Our choices yesterday, for instance, started out with a huge plate of battered morning glory that came with a bowl of spicy pork in a sauce.

We also ordered larb (the Thai sour and sweet minced pork salad that’s mixed with mint and dried herbs before serving), stuffed eggs in a fish sauce with rice, and tuna larb (the same as the pork larb but, of course, with tuna).

Every single dish was not only enormous, but also tasty and made from some of the freshest ingredients you will find anywhere.

For these four large dishes, and the portion sizes were enormous, and two huge glasses of Thai lemon iced tea, the total bill was only 535 baht ($16.95), which was split between two of us. That amount of food, though, could have easily served four so, as you can see, prices at Yum & Tum cheap.

Especially as I ate so much food, that was the only meal I ate all day, but what an amazing meal. In fact, I am going back to Yum & Tum next weekend too, as it really was that good.

If you don’t like spicy food, Yum & Tum is a great place to eat too, as they are very accommodating for foreigners, and will make it as spicy or as mild as you like. They will even ask you when you are ordering if you want spicy or not so much, and that is quite rare in Thailand.

There are four Yum & Tum locations in Bangkok. There is even a cute video from ILoveToGo.com that talks all about the food they serve there. It’s sub-titled in English too, so you can understand it. Watch it below.

You will find Yum & Tum on the sixth floor of Central World Plaza shopping mall near Chidlom BTS sky train station.