Where is Lush, Bangkok Located? The Cosmetics Brand Comes to Siam Center


credit: https://www.facebook.com/LushThailand

Bangkok continues to get some of the coolest international companies in the world opening up shop in the capital. This month, it is Lush cosmetics that opens their first branch in Bangkok, and showcases their vegetarian not-tested-on-animals products to Thailand.

At Lush, Bangkok, you will find all the Lush products you have become used to — fabulous bath bombs (starting at 200 baht), handmade soaps, natural henna to color your hair, shower gels, shampoos and hair products, hand and body lotions, cosmetics and face masks.

They are, of course, very expensive compared to Thai products (750 baht or $21.50 for one bar of handmade soap I saw, compared to the typical 50-100 baht I would pay for a Thai handmade soap), but I doubt that will stop the high-so Thais or those who want to be perceived as ‘high-so’ from shopping there.

Besides, Lush is a very good company. They donate a lot of money to charity. Support LGBT rights, animal rights, (they’re a big supporter of Sea Shepherd), environmental conservation and, if you buy one of their hand and body lotion ‘Charity Pots’, 100 percent of the profits from this product goes to grass roots organizations in 42 countries. Pretty cool, eh?

So where is Lush in Bangkok? You will find them on the ground floor of Siam Center (next to Siam BTS sky train station). They open at 10am every day and close at 10pm.

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