Advertising in Thailand: Bizarre and Weird

what the hell is this


Advertising in Thailand is often bizarre and weird. Adverts that would never be allowed in a developed country, due to their racism, sexism or just plain weirdness happily show up in Thai newspapers and magazines, on the internet and on TV.

Every day I see advertisements in Thailand that are either so obviously fake, promising things again not allowed in western advertising as they are nothing more than lies, or things that I look at the photographs and think “What the hell is that?”

Case in point, the Thai advertisement above for I-don’t-know-what-this-is but seriously? I want to look at that when I turn on my computer? It looks disgusting.

Again, an advertisement that would never be published in a developed country, because the photographer would have thrown away the photograph, but happily flashing on my computer screen on practically every website that includes advertising from Thailand. Bizarre, eh?