Bangkok Airways Offers Cheap Flights Bangkok to Chiang Mai – 1,590 Baht

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Do you need to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and are looking for a cheap way to get there? No worries. Bangkok Airways is currently offering cheap flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, if you book by the end of May, that is. And, when I say ‘cheap’ I mean dirt cheap — only 1,590 baht or $53.70 each way. They’re calling them ‘Incredible Deal’ flights and, yes, they’re certainly that.

To get any of the cheap flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on Bangkok Airways, you must book before May 31st, 2013 but you can travel from now until October 31st.

The sale is a ‘web promotion’ only, so make sure you book your flights online at the Bangkok Airways webpage and, do be aware, there are no refunds allowed and no flight changes. That means, once you book it you’re stuck with that flight.

What’s even more amazing about this deal is it also includes airport taxes and fuel surcharges. Seriously. You can’t beat that.

Then again, with Bangkok Airways using any means possible in an effort to beat Air Asia, it’s probably not surprising. What may be surprising to you is, unlike Air Asia which almost always runs late, Bangkok Airways’ flights are usually on time. For any experienced budget traveler in Thailand, that’s a nice change.

In fact, this has to be one of the best deals I’ve seen in years on cheap flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai so, if you are planning on visiting Thailand’s most popular tourist destination in the near future, you really should book now.

By the way, during this promotion, they’re also offering incredible deals on flights to Phuket and Krabi as well. And, don’t forget to check out their sale on their new route from Bangkok to Mandalay, Myanmar.