Bangkok Post Comments: Want a Laugh? Read Them

A typical derogatory Bangkok Post comment written by a farang about Thais from Isaan (a huge percentage of the country, btw). This farang thinks only middle-class and upper-class Thais should be allowed to vote (oh and him, of course, because he’s an ‘expert’).

If I have a little free time, I spend a few minutes reading the comments section at The Bangkok Post. It’s hilarious, so always good for some fun after a busy day.

Populated by mainly ‘farang’ (western) commentators, most of whom wouldn’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to much of what goes on in Thailand, they are more than happy to waste their time spouting off about anything and everything. And they do — for hours.

After all, they are the ‘experts’ about Thailand and could fix all of the country’s problems in a heart beat (Snort!).

What’s even funnier is many of these guys (and yes, they are mainly men) don’t even live in Thailand, as you can see from the flags attached to their posts.


But, from a quick trip to Thailand to pick up the latest bar girl ‘girlfriend’, they have become so knowledgeable about the country they cannot understand why someone hasn’t already named them prime minister.

Of course, 90 percent of their comments are incredibly derogatory about Thais as well — a nationality who most of them seem to categorize as “one step above monkeys in the brain department”.

Can I ask then why most of these men are even in Thailand or are so desperate to get here? After all, if they think Thais are such imbeciles why would they want to be surrounded by them?

They also seem to hate anything to do with Thaksin or the red shirts (about 60 percent of the country, btw) and will spend literally hours slamming ‘ignorant people from Isaan’ or ‘the Thai convict’ (Thaksin).

They side with the PAD (the yellow shirts) and the upper middle-class when in reality they don’t understand many of these Thais would treat these guys like dirt on their shoe.

Why? Because these men are simply not their equals. In any shape or form.

Needless to say, if you actually got any of them into a political discussion, they couldn’t back up many of their statements with anything like actual facts or evidence.

But, hey, that’s what happens when you ‘educate’ yourself about Thai politics by reading The Bangkok Post newspaper headlines while living overseas in a foreign country.

Oh and when you don’t speak Thai.

Let’s face it, I am no fan of a certain percentage of farang men in Thailand as, sadly, the country gets far more than its fair share of men who really should stay back in their home countries.

It is funny to read what they say in the comment section of The Bangkok Post, however.

Of course, there are some insightful comments by farangs who do understand Thailand and its incredibly complicated political situation — they, unfortunately, are in the minority.

But, when you read most of the Bangkok Post comments you could be forgiven in thinking these people are men who are upstanding members of their community and have achieved some success in life, instead of some poorly paid wanna-be ‘English teacher’ who doesn’t have two baht to rub together the day before pay day.

But hey, they are ‘experts’ on Thailand and on Thai politics, don’t you know? (Did I snort yet???)