BreadTalk Bakery in Bangkok: Delicious Pastries But Not at a Cheap Price

bread talk at terminal 21


BreadTalk is a bakery franchise operating in Thailand that is quite popular with Thais. Being a Singaporean franchise operator, they specialize in Asian-style pastries so, at a BreadTalk in Bangkok for instance, you’ll find lots of pastries with flossy pork as one of the ingredients, even if it’s a sweet pastry, or stuffed with hot dog sausages, black beans or Japanese mushrooms, or flavored with curry.

I’m not a huge fan of BreadTalk as, although their products are high-quality, they are more expensive than many similar Thai bakeries. Plus, their pastries are sometimes a little too ‘Asian’ for me, meaning they’re Asian-style tastes I don’t particularly care for.

Plus, when I can buy two pastries at other bakeries in Bangkok for the price of one at BreadTalk, I do think a little longer about making purchases there.

I do buy pastries at BreadTalk in Bangkok occasionally, though, and when I do I tend to choose things like the ham and cheese pastry, the spinach cheese pastry or the Smart Aleck — a sweet long pastry, cut in the middle like a baguette and stuffed with a sweet cream filling. These each sell for between 30 and 38 baht per pastry ($1.05-$1.29), as oppose to my favorite Thai bakery in Bangkok, Yamazaki, where similar pastries are as cheap as 15-20 baht.

Still, if you like Asian pastries and prefer those that are very high-quality, you may want to give BreadTalk in Bangkok a try. You’ll find them at most of the Central shopping malls, as well as at Siam Paragon, Seacon Square, The Mall Bang Kapi, Fashion Island and Terminal 21 mall, which is where I took the BreadTalk photograph at the top of this page yesterday.

You should check them out at least once, as you haven’t had a good sampling of Thai pastries if BreadTalk wasn’t on your list. Find out more about them and all their Bangkok locations at the BreadTalk website.