Brian Myouzat’s Video ‘Never Go To Thailand’ Goes Viral

never go to thailand
Brian Myouzat, a French video director who recently took his first vacation to Thailand, went back home and put together a video of his time here.

Called ‘Never Go To Thailand’, the video was uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube and that was that. Until ‘Never Go To Thailand’ went viral that is. It now has more than 100,000 views on Vimeo and almost 39,000 views on YouTube.

But, before you start complaining about people who come to Thailand and talk negatively about the country, think again.

‘Never Go To Thailand’ is Brian Myouzat’s ‘souvenir video’ of a vacation he absolutely loved and the phrase ‘Never Go To Thailand’ is said tongue in cheek. After all, he is warning people, if you go to Thailand, you might never want to come back.

Watch the video below.

It is absolutely gorgeous, makes me happy that I live in Thailand and, oh yes, the Tourism Authority of Thailand should be hiring Brian Myouzat to make their videos (although they did do an amazing job with their ‘Wish You Were Here’ campaign last year).

After all, if I had never been to Thailand and I watched this, I would be booking my flight to Bangkok the minute the video ended.

By the way, if you want to watch the video on a better website than YouTube, you can find Brian’s Vimeo ‘Never Go To Thailand’ here.