Cook Fried Chicken with Your Bare Hands the Chiang Mai Way (Video)


Can you cook chicken frying in burning oil by just using your hands? 50-year-old Khan (Iron Hands) Trichan can. Khan lives in Chiang Mai, and discovered his unusual skill seven years ago when a squirrel walking along a power line dropped a mango right into a vat of boiling oil while Khan was cooking chicken.

The day after, when he planned to go to the doctore, he was surprised to see no burns, no marks, nothing.

Nowadays, if asked, Khan can pick chicken out of a vat of burning cooking oil with no pain and not a single mark on his hands.

Pretty amazing, eh? And quite a fun tourist attraction in Chiang Mai. (If you want to find him, Khan is down a small soi opposite Chiang Mai Technical College).

We do stress though — please don’t try this at home.