Don’t Go Shopping with Strangers in Bangkok, Thailand….


I do sometimes love the signs I often see around Bangkok saying things in a funny stilted language. I snapped this one the other week at Mahboonkrong (MBK) Mall.

Obviously, they must have had a problem with “strangers” taking their customers to other places so, while you’re at MBK, they’re warning you not to go with them. (Although why you’d want to, I’m not sure. MBK is so cheap.)

The sentiment is actually quite true (tuk-tuk drivers trying to take you to their “brother’s shop” to buy jewelry, touts at the Grand Palace saying it’s closed but they know of an interesting shopping trip you can take etc….), it was just a bit odd to see this sign stuck right in the middle of MBK mall, particularly the graphic – “Say No To Strangers!”

Come on. Not all strangers are bad. I’ve met some pretty nice ones in Bangkok, thousands of times.