Erawan Bangkok – Shopping at the City’s Most Exclusive Center For Clothes, Restaurants and Spas


Erawan, once synonymous with the famous Erawan Shrine, is now more likely to be associated with Erawan Bangkok, one of the city’s most exclusive shopping malls. Famous for its high-end stores, this five-storey mall may be expensive but if you’re looking for designer goods, some of the city’s best spas or love dining in a trendy eatery, Erawan Bangkok is the place to go.

Where is Erawan Bangkok? – Both easy to find and even easier to get to, Erawan Bangkok is right next to the famous Erawan Shrine, the city’s most visited religious site, and close to the exclusive Erawan Grand Hyatt Hotel. Accessible from the street as well as from covered sky walks from its neighbor, Amarin Plaza, and from the sky train station, it’s also the perfect place to go shopping if it’s raining.

The easiest way to get to Erawan Bangkok is to take the BTS sky train to Chidlom station and follow the exit signs. It’s a one-minute walk via the covered sky train sky walk.

Shops at Erawan Bangkok – Of course, if you’re looking for a bargain, Erawan Bangkok is the last place you should bother shopping at. Filled with high-end exclusive designer stores like Comme des Garcons and Burberry, it is however a fashionista’s paradise and proof positive high fashion in Bangkok is alive and well.

Not just upscale and fuddy-duddy though, Erawan Bangkok also has stores like Blackjack, on the second floor. A large multi-label store that sells designer street fashion from more than 20 top designers and showcasing some of the coolest young designers in Asia, if you’re looking something unique in a fun, weird atmosphere, Blackjack will delight you. Look for unique t shirts, Asian-style jackets and pants and Japanese accessories and watches, that are too cool to believe.

The exclusive Club 21 Men sells designer clothing for men and features Issey Miyake, Jil Sander, Dior Homme and Alexander McQueen just to name a few. Prices of course are high, but if you’re needing a dress suit, jacket or even casual wear that’s beautifully made and will set you apart from the usual rabble, Club 21 Men sells everything you’ll need.

If gorgeous lighting and furniture is your bag, then Motif – Art of Living – is the best place in Bangkok to shop. Featuring upscale Italian home products for those who like luxury living, even if you can’t afford as much as a chair at Motif, it’s still a lovely place to browse and will give you some great ideas for your own home. But, if you do have the money, by all means shop here. After all, who wouldn’t want a home full of the most beautifully designed Italian furniture you’ve ever seen.

Dining at Erawan Bangkok – Where Erawan Bangkok really shines is in its unusual independent eateries. All under the umbrella of ‘Urban Kitchen’, there’s a whole area of Erawan full of just the prettiest and most stylish restaurants and cafes in Bangkok.

If you like Chinese, Crystal Jade has incredible dim sum, Nara has the best traditional Thai cuisine, and for ice cream, Amaltery serves up some delicious treats.

The piece de resistance at Erawan Bangkok though, in my mind, is the country-famous Erawan Tea Room. Here, you sit at a table overlooking the Erawan Shrine and are served with one of hundreds of brands of tea, cucumber sandwiches, little cakes or, if you want Thai food, they serve that too. The atmosphere is elegant and lovely and a superb getaway from the bustling noise of Bangkok.

Finally, don’t leave without visiting Erawan’s Wellness Center, where you can indulge hydrotherapy, massage, R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environment Simulation Technique) and a whole slew of other bodily delights.