Five Reasons British Expats Love Living in Thailand

British expats love Christmas in Thailand - it's fun.


Tens of thousands of British expats either live in Thailand for a few months or move here permanently. With several hundred thousand Brits leaving the United Kingdom every year, why do so many settle in Thailand? That’s actually easy to answer. Thailand has specific things that suit the Brits and make their lives here so pleasant. These are the some of their main reasons for staying.

The Thai Weather – If you’ve spent any time in the UK, you’ll understand how dismal the weather is. Raining half the time, freezing cold and grey the rest, if there’s a sunny day in the UK, half the country is out sunbathing. That’s why, when British expats move to Thailand they enjoy living here so much. Sunny skies almost every day and an average temperature year-round in the 80s and 90s. Coming from the UK, you can’t beat it.

British Pubs – Thailand, particularly in places like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, has a plethora of British pubs. They serve British beer, British food and the atmosphere is reminiscent of an average pub in England or Scotland. That’s why, for many British expats, they don’t miss much in the UK when they move to Thailand. If there are a couple of British pubs in close proximity, they’re as happy as clams.

The Thais – Just about the friendliest and happiest people in the world, living in Thailand is a pleasant experience when you’re around Thais. The Brits, who can be some of the world’s grumpiest people (I know, I am one), seem to mellow more when they live in Thailand and spend most of their lives surrounded by happy, pleasant, smiling people.

Relaxed Thai Workplace – Working in Thailand in many instances is actually quite pleasant. Thais aren’t burdened with a need for immense success and most don’t want to spend their lives at work. That means, almost anywhere you work in Thailand, the atmosphere will be so much more relaxed and laid-back than in the UK and the Brits love it.

Christmas – So many Brits love spending Christmas in Thailand. Sure, it’s a Buddhist country, but Thais love to party. So, you find Christmas trees everywhere, Christmas carols playing, musicians on the skytrain playing guitars and wishing you a “Merry Christmas”, cheap Christmas dinners, British pubs doing an awesome Christmas bash, and all in 80 degree weather and surrounded by smiling faces.

Then go back to the UK and see how miserable your Christmas is there. No wonder so many British expats love living in Thailand and would not consider living anywhere else.