How Do Thai Women Stay So Thin? Follow the Thai Girls’ Diet

When you first arrive in Thailand, you see pretty quickly how thin Thai girls are. Of course, most Thai women are petite, but they are also often tiny in body size. In fact, the average Thai woman’s size is between an American size zero and a four. Tiny indeed.

As a Westerner living in Thailand, it does get frustrating. Even when I’m at my smallest, an American size six, and buy clothes, I am still often told “We don’t sell Extra Large size.” so you can only imagine how some of the larger Western women feel.

Thai women however eat in a particular way, and if you follow how they eat, and how Thai girls diet, you too can lose weight and stay slim.

Food is important to Thai people. If you watch them, they seem to be eating all the time. Breakfast is food from a street stall. A snack comes about an hour and a half later from another street stall. Lunch follows on quickly, with another snack in the afternoon, a snack before dinner, then dinner.

You would think with all this eating Thai women would be fat. So why aren’t they?

Snacking is a good thing. Although it seems like Thai women eat a lot because they are always snacking, if you watch closely you will see the portions they eat are actually small. But, because they are constantly snacking, their metabolisms are fast.

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Eating small amounts constantly actually speeds up your metabolism. The way we eat in the West, with three large meals, causes our metabolism to slow down and the food our bodies don’t burn up gets stored as fat. So we get fat.

Small portions. For breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner most Thai women eat communally. That means they buy several items and then share among friends. Each women will eat a few different things but in small portions. Overall, they may eat a lot of different kinds of food but in portions that are almost doll size.

Not much meat. Thais do not eat a lot of meat. Meat is in many Thai dishes but it is small portions of meat that are mixed in with vegetables and a sauce, then served over rice.

Even when they order meat dishes, it will be usually part of a communal meal where rice and vegetables are still the main things they eat. Not like in the west, where we’re constantly eating thick burgers or massive steaks.

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Drink green tea. Green tea has been proven to increase the body’s calorie burning mechanism and causes people to lose weight quicker. In Thailand, Thai women drink a lot of green tea. Green tea extract is also in things like ice cream, cake, pastries and smoothies. Not only is green tea healthy but it can also help you lose weight.

Eat spicy food. Thai women love spicy food, in fact the hotter the better. Some studies have shown that spicy food may very well improve the body’s capacity to burn calories. So eat spicy food several times a week. It’s delicious, it’s healthy and it could help you lose weight.

Thai women are known as some of the world’s most beautiful women and definitely some of the thinnest. You don’t have to be Thai though to eat like they do and have the same benefits this kind of eating can have. So eat like a Thai woman. You will lose weight and get healthier – guaranteed.