How Much are Electric Fans in Bangkok, Thailand?


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How much are electric fans in Thailand?

As Thailand is such a hot country, most people at one time or another buy an electric fan. While a fan doesn’t really cool a room down as it just moves air around rather than refrigerates like an air-conditioner does, an electric fan can still be useful. That’s why, if you are in Thailand or plan on moving here, you might ask the question “How much are electric fans in Bangkok, Thailand?” And, yes, I have the answer.

Surprisingly, the cost of electric fans in Bangkok, Thailand hasn’t increased much in the decade I’ve lived here. A basic fan cost between 300 and 800 baht ($10.30 to $27.50) 10 years ago, and it still costs around the same now.

Where to buy electric fans in Thailand

Tesco Lotus, a good place to buy an electric fan in Thailand, has a decent selection of typical electric fan brands. They currently have a Songkran sale on their electric fans with prices such as these:

iCool Basic 3-speed electric fan — 245 baht ($8.45)

Hatari Basic 3-speed electric fan — 588 baht ($20.25)

Sky Cool Basic 3-speed electric fan — 450 baht ($15.50)

Sharp 3-speed (a higher-end fan in Thailand) — 780 baht ($26.95)

These are all desk fans, and they rotate.

You can also look at stores like Index Mall for electric fans in Bangkok and other places around Thailand. Their fans are more expensive, but they do stock many of the top brands.

Cheapest and most expensive electric fans in Bangkok

Of course, the real answer to the question “How much are electric fans in Bangkok, Thailand?” is also connected to how much you want to pay. You can buy an electric fan at 1,500-3,000 baht and above but, honestly, why would you? Particularly when the lower-end fans runs just as well.

As for the electric fans I’ve bought, I’ve only ever bought three. Two of them are Hatari brand and cost me 400 and 450 baht ($13.80 and $15.50). I’ve owned both fans for about eight years and they’re still going strong.

The other fan was a brand called Tory, which also ran for a long time. In fact, I think it’s still running as I gave it to a friend a year ago and she hasn’t complained about it yet.

You can find out more about the cost of electric fans in Bangkok, Thailand by checking out electronics on websites like Big C and, if you’re planning on moving to Thailand you can find out what to bring and what to leave behind on Tasty Thailand here.