How Much Can You Fit In a Tuk-Tuk? You’d Be Surprised

tuk tuk crowded thailand


Tuk-tuks, those three-wheel taxis that run on a motorcycle engine all over Thailand, can hold a lot more than you think. I always remember this when I’m cramming myself in a tuk-tuk after shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Loaded down with bags and packages and sure they’ll never all fit, the tuk-tuk driver will always fit everything I have in the tuk-tuk with usually room for five other people and all their stuff too.

You see tuk-tuks all over Thailand transporting folks from place to place, packed so full of stuff they look like they’re going to burst. But…..they never do, you never see them breakdown and, in my many years of living in Thailand, I’ve never seen a tuk-tuk in an accident either.

So remember, the next time you’re thinking of taking a tuk-tuk in Thailand, they’re not only a lot safer than you might think, particularly considering the speed some of them move at but they’re a whole lot BIGGER too.

Photo – courtesy of Tourism Authority Thailand, UK