How Much Does It Cost to Suvarnabhumi Airport By Mini Bus?

how much to suvarnabhumi airport


If you’re in Bangkok or planning to be and will eventually need to get back to Suvarnabhumi Airport to catch a flight out, you might be wondering how much a trip by mini bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport is going to cost you.

Like many things in Bangkok, nowhere as expensive as a trip to the airport would cost you in your home country. In fact, most mini bus trips from most areas of Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport run around 100 baht or just over $3 one way.

You can book a mini bus trip at any one of Khao San Road’s small travel agents, which is where I took the photo above this week, you can ask your hotel where the closest mini bus for the airport stops or you can catch one at Victory Monument.

Just be aware, traffic can sometimes be a nightmare going out to Suvarnabhumi, especially at rush hour, so do allow up to 2 hours for your trip.

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