How Much Is the Acer Aspire E-431 Laptop in Bangkok, Thailand?

Acer Aspire E

Buying an Acer Aspire laptop in Bangkok, Thailand

As I told you a couple of weeks ago, my one-year-old laptop ended up badly damaged recently when the air conditioner in my apartment sprung a leak and dripped all over it.

A 2,000 baht ($67) repair only lasted three weeks and, yesterday, after a few days of stuttering on and off my poor laptop finally gave up the ghost when the hard drive died.

So, at 4pm yesterday, knowing I had to get online to get some work done, I rushed off to Fortune Town Mall to buy a new laptop. Not four hours later, I was arriving back home happily carrying an Acer Aspire E1-431 model, which so far I absolutely love.

The Acer Aspire E-431 laptop has an Intel Celeron 1.8GHz processor, a 14 inch screen, 4GB Main Memory and a 500 GB hard drive. It also has a nice DVD-RW player. Being an inexpensive laptop, this Acer Aspire E-431 laptop in Thailand came with just a Linux operating system (useless for me).

But, this also being Thailand, the store I bought it from installed a bootleg copy of Windows 7 once I had bought it for just 200 baht.

The installation took less than an hour, so I went to have dinner at the Fortune Town food court while it was being done. When I got back to the shop, I owned a very nice Acer Aspire E-431 laptop complete with Windows 7 (I wouldn’t give Windows 8 house room, although I could have had that installed instead if I’d wanted it), Microsoft Office and a slew of other software.

How much is an Acer Aspire E-341 laptop in Bangkok?

So how much is the Acer Aspire E-431 laptop in Bangkok, Thailand? Only 10,900 baht ($368) and the shop even threw in two free laptop bags (a large one, and a small soft-sided carry case), a mouse and a cleaning kit.

To say this was $67 cheaper than the list price for the Acer Aspire E-431 in Bangkok and I was also able to have Windows 7 installed on it for free was marvelous.

As I write, I now have my new Acer Aspire E-431 laptop plugged in to my flat screen monitor, so I can see the graphics on both the laptop screen itself and the larger stand-alone screen. It looks beautiful.

Best place to buy an Acer Aspire laptop in Bangkok

By the way, if you are interested in buying an Acer Aspire E-431 laptop in Bangkok, Thailand or any other brand of computer for that matter, I highly recommend you pick one up at Fortune Town Mall.

There are well over a hundred small shops selling computers there of just about every brand and model, their prices are cheaper than almost anywhere else and the sales people are helpful. Most of them speak pretty decent English as well.

You can get to Fortune Town Mall easily by taking the underground train to Rama 9 Station. Fortune Town Mall is right next to the station exit. The computer shops there are on the third and fourth floors.