How Much is the Departure Tax from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport?


Recently, we’ve had a few e-mails asking us how much the departure tax is from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. In fact, if you already have a plane ticket you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

It used to be that departure tax from Thailand was 500 baht ($16.15) and had to be paid at the airport before you were allowed to leave the country.  An almighty hassle, as you always had to make sure you had enough money left before you departed the country and enough time before your flight to stand in a long line to pay.

When Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened, however, departure tax from Thailand was increased to 700 baht ($22.60). But, airport authorities at Suvarnabhumi finally joined the 21st century and, from the beginning of February, 2007, it’s no longer been necessary to pay a departure tax on your way out of Thailand. Sure, you still pay it, but it’s now included in the price of your airfare, so you have no worries upon leaving.

Do be aware, however, some unscrupulous travel agents don’t include the departure tax cost when they quote you an airfare that includes a flight out of Thailand. That way their airfares look cheaper than other travel agents. They then demand the extra money up front when you pay. That’s why you should make sure the quote they are giving you does include the departure tax or, when you come to pay for your airfare, the cost could be higher than you expect.