How to Act Like a Thai Girl – Polite, Kind and Never Aggressive

nice thai girl


I’ve lived in Thailand for years and, during that time, have found myself acting more and more like a Thai girl. Thai girls act differently than Western girls or women and, as a Western woman, I discovered it was to my advantage to act more like a Thai girl than a Westerner (if you live in Rome, right?).

Thai girls are sweeter, more feminine and less aggressive than most Western women but they’re also, surprisingly, quite tough and usually get what they want. There are certain characteristics that most Thai girls possess, and if you too would like to act like a Thai girl you’ll need to act this way too.

Thai Girls Shop A Lot – One thing you’ll need to do if you want to act like a Thai woman is to shop a lot. Thais shop every day. Even in the present economy, every Thai girl I know is still spending the same amount of money she always was. The typical Thai woman spends a lot of money on clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses and belts and, oh yes, food.

Thai Girls Are  Sweet – Most of the Thai women I know are very sweet. They do, of course, gossip but not usually in a malicious way as they think that is not polite. Western men who date Thai girls say they are much sweeter than Western women, who often complain a lot about what the guy is doing wrong. Most Thai girls don’t. They always act sweet, even if it means hiding how they really feel.

Overall, I think Thai girls are sometimes smarter than Western women as they’ve figured out, over the years, that being sweeter usually gets them further than being aggressive or rude. Western women could actually learn from them in that respect. After all, as my mother says, “You catch more with sugar than with vinegar”.

Thai Girls Are Quite Innocent – Even though Bangkok, Thailand has a reputation as being one of the sex capitals of the world (there’s actually no more prostitution in Thailand than in any other country in the world), many Thai girls are quite innocent. According to a recent article in the Bangkok Post, more than 80% of Thai girls are still virgins when they marry and most Thai women will have no more than two sexual partners throughout their life time.

What this means is that, even though Thai girls love joking about sex, most of them have no experience in the subject. I’ve lost count of the number of 35 year old virgins I’ve met in Thailand; women who have little knowledge about relationships either.

This innocence also translates into other aspects of life, so Thai girls tend to be quite innocent about many things – work, business, traveling, and common sense every-day things that Western women find normal Thai girls think they’re ‘abnormal’ because it’s something they’ve never experienced.

Overall though, I like how Thai women are naïve. It’s more appealing than the jaded attitudes of many Western women who have ‘been there, done that’.

Thai Girls Are Not Aggressive – It’s rare to find a Thai woman who is aggressive, whether that’s in relationships, business or even just in every day life. I used to teach business skills at an international company and was always surprised at the lack of aggressiveness in business from the female partners who actually own the company.

In the West, women in this position would be used to having to fight for what they want – in Thailand, being this aggressive actually scares these women. In every day situations too, if Thai women have any problems they won’t be aggressive or lose their tempers. They’ll just be sweet and calm and hopefully get the problem solved that way. So, if you want to act like a Thai girl, don’t be aggressive and definitely don’t lose your temper.

Thai Girls Laugh A Lot – Thai women love to laugh and they laugh about everything. They had a car accident, they laugh. They have a problem at work, they laugh. They come to work in the rain and get soaked, they laugh. This actually makes for a very nice atmosphere wherever you are in Thailand because Thai girls see the funny side of everything. Bump up the number of times in a day you laugh, and you too will end up just like Thai girls – happy.

Thai Girls Are Kind – Thai girls really are some of the kindest people in the world. Helping their family and friends is part of Thai culture and any Thai girl worth her salt will help in any situation. To be selfish is just not the Thai way as the community is more important than the individual, so spend some time helping someone else and you’ll be acting like a Thai girl in no time.

Thai Girls Don’t Tell You How They Feel – Thai women are very secretive about their feelings as they feel that, if they show their negative feelings, it makes the other person have to take on the burden. Even Thai men tell me they’re not always aware when their girlfriends or wives are unhappy as they don’t tell them.

To act more like a Thai girl, hide how you feel so you don’t burden your friends or family. And actually, this seems to attract men even more as, we all know, men love a mystery and Thai girls, above anything else, always seem mysterious.

Thai girls are different than Western girls in so many ways. They’re sweeter, kinder, less aggressive, more innocent and they hide their feelings more. Of course, they’re not perfect, but they do seem more feminine to me because of the way they act.

What’s fascinating to me though is, even though they seem gentler and more breakable, in actual fact they have a will of steel and almost always get what they want. They just get it with sweetness, kindness and a teeny bit of manipulation – the feminine way, of course.