How To Get Cheap Tailored Clothing in Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most popular things to do when tourists come to Thailand is to get tailored clothes made at one of the many tailors in Bangkok. Prices for tailored clothes are so cheap, the quality is beautiful, and you won’t believe how good you’ll feel wearing clothing that was made especially for you. There are tailors everywhere, and as the prices are usually quite similar in each one, you don’t have to do much comparison shopping before you decide on placing an order. Getting clothes tailored in Bangkok is easy. Here’s how to do it.

First of all, decide before you come to Thailand if you want something you already own copied or if you want something completely different. If you want something copied, bring the original garment with you. The tailor will then be able to make another one exactly the same. If you want something different, either bring a photograph with you or look through the catalogs at the tailor’s when you get there. The tailor will be able to copy pretty much anything you show him/her without anything more than a photograph.

Choose a tailor that is relatively close to where you are staying. When you get clothes tailored, you will be need to go back to the store for fittings at least twice, so you don’t want to have to travel halfway across the city to get there.

Once you have chosen a tailor, spend some time browsing the fabrics they have to choose something you like. (You can also take in your own fabric but the tailors usually have so many choices, it’s not usually worth it). They’ll have everything from silks and cottons, to polyester and from plain fabrics to multi-colored prints. Thai silk is the best silk in the world so, if you like silk, Thailand is the place to buy it.

When you have chosen your fabric, the tailor will measure you. When all the measurements are complete, her or she will give you a price for your tailored garments. If you agree on the price, depending on the tailor, you’ll either have to pay the full price up front or a deposit.

The garment or garments will usually be ready for the first fitting the next day. The first fitting takes about five minutes and it’s then the tailor will modify seams, lengths, etc. The second fitting will usually be the day after, and will just be there to tie double check on the altered measurements from the first sitting. So, from ordering to pick up, your garments will more than likely be ready in 2-3 days.

When you pick up the garments, make sure you try them on again just to make sure they’re perfect. At this time, also make sure you get the tailor’s business card as, once they have your measurements, if you don’t gain or lose weight you can order other things from overseas and they will ship them to you.

Getting clothes tailored in Thailand is a fabulous experience. There’s nothing like the thrill of wearing something that was cut to your actual body measurements. You will never look as good as when you wear a tailored suit, tailored shirt, tailored skirt or tailored jacket or pants.