How to Take Shuttle Bus from LCCT to KLIA, Malaysia


When you arrive in LCCT airport just outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and need to get to KL International Airport (KLIA) for a connecting flight, finding the shuttle bus can be a real stress creator. The first time I arrived at LCCT and realized I needed to be at the other KL airport for my next flight, finding the shuttle bus took me 20 minutes and caused me to miss my connecting flight. But never fear. Follow these easy directions and you won’t have to suffer through missing your flight, like i did.

Arrival at LCCT – As you probably know, LCCT stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which might give you some idea what to expect. Hordes of people, mass confusion, and far too many buses to be able to find the shuttle bus to KLIA easily. That’s why, upon arrival at LCCT, after getting through customs, you should immediately find your way outside and take a left.

In the distance, you’ll see several bus stops. Walk towards the bus stops until you see a large sign saying KLIA shuttle.Wait here for the shuttle bus to arrive, which is usually every 15 minutes.

The KLIA-LCCT Shuttle Bus – When the bus arrives, don’t be shocked. The most run-down bus you’ve probably seen in years, it’s green, has definitely seen better days and, if the air conditioner on it is working, you’re luckier than I am. You also have to carry your luggage onto the bus, as there’s no one there to help you and no luggage compartment under the bus body.

Get onto the bus, paying as you enter (usually 1 ringgit, or 35 cents) and take a seat. The bus will leave within a couple of minutes, with the extremely unfriendly driver driving like a bat out of hell. Hang on and hope for the best. The bus will take a route which basically does a complete circle between LCCT and KLIA, with one trip doing half of the circle and the return trip doing the rest. From LCCT to KLIA takes around 15 minutes, so when considering if you can make your flight or not, take into consideration a possible 15 minute waiting time for the bus to arrive, plus15 minutes on the bus.

Arrival at KL International Airport (KLIA) – The KLIA-LCCT shuttle bus will eventually arrive at a bus station that’s just as shabby as the bus. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Get off the bus, go up
the escalator, which you will see immediately opens up into the ultra-modern KLIA airport. From here, just follow the signs to the departure area.

Traveling From LCCT From KLIA on the Shuttle Bus – If you’re going the opposite direction, from KLIA to LCCT, just follow the signs in the airport until you end up at the bottom of an escalator in the shabby bus station I described previously. From here, you’ll see the LCCT shuttle bus, which you can climb on board and wait for it to leave. Again, it’s only a few minutes wait plus a 15 minute trip, so it doesn’t take that long.

The shuttle bus will arrive at the front entrance to LCCT, so from here, it’s easy.

The main thing when considering taking the KLIA-LCCT shuttle bus is simply to make sure you have the time to use it. If you’re cutting it fine between flights though,don’t even attempt it. Just grab one of the many taxis at KLIA or LCCT and you’ll have a better chance of catching your plane.