How to Take the MRT Underground Train in Bangkok, Thailand (Video)

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How to take the MRT underground train in Bangkok

One of the best and cheapest ways to get around Bangkok, Thailand is the MRT underground train system.

Opened in 2004, the MRT train now reaches many of the most visited areas of Bangkok and, for a tourist or new expat, it is an easy way to see Bangkok.

Of course, when you try to figure out how to take the MRT underground train in Bangkok it might seem a little daunting. Believe me, it’s not. As the video below will prove.

Times that MRT underground trains in Bangkok run

In fact, just to tell you how easy and convenient the MRT train really is, it opens at 6am and runs all day until midnight, seven days a week. Trains arrive at each station every five minutes during rush hour and every 7-10 minutes during the rest of the day, so you never have long to wait.

Shops and cafes at MRT stations

Many MRT stations also have cafes, coffee shops and small independent stores which means, if you need to pick up breakfast or a coffee, or stop by the 7-11, before you get on the train or want to grab a newspaper to read while you’re on it, you can do that too.

So, don’t be worried about taking the MRT. Especially as, once you have watched the excellent video below telling you everything you need to know about how to take the MRT underground train in Bangkok, you will soon be using it to head to places like Hua Lamphong station to catch the regular train to Ayutthaya or Chiang Mai, or up to northern Bangkok to spend the morning at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

You can also find out more about the train system itself and every station on the line at the Bangkok Metro Public Company’s website. It even tells you which sky train stations connect with MRT stations, and what bus number you can take to get to them.

As for the BTS skytrain in Bangkok, we have a video to help with that too.