Improve Your Skin With Thai Bananas: Gluay Nam Wah Give You a Perfect Complexion

gluay nam wah
photo copyright Xufanc, Creative Commons License

One thing visitors to Thailand might notice is just how many types of bananas there are. While in the west bananas usually look basically the same — large, yellow and uniform in shape and size — bananas in Thailand come in various types and all are used for different things.

One wonderful use for one particular type of Thai banana, called gluay nam wah in Thailand, is by women to improve the texture and tone of their skin.

Eaten daily, according to many of my Thai women friends, gluay nam wah bananasĀ  can actually get rid of acne and tone your skin as well as prevent your skin from aging, giving you the beautiful skin so many Thai women enjoy.

Bananas are good for your skin as they are loaded with potassium, vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

Thai women, however, say it is not just the vitamins and potassium in bananas that make them good for your skin. It’s something about the enzymes in the banana that are perfect for creating soft, supple and pore-free skin.

My Thai friends who eat them usually eat 2-3 small bananas every morning with breakfast.

Whether or not there is any scientific evidence to these small Thai bananas being good for your skin, I have no idea. I do know, however, that every Thai woman I know who eats them has absolutely gorgeous skin.

So they are certainly not going to do anything to harm it.