It’s Incredibly Hot for Rabbits in Thailand Right Now

hot for rabbits in thailand


As if it’s not hot enough for humans in Thailand right now, it’s even hotter if you’re a Thai rabbit. At least according to my two bunnies. In fact, it’s so hot for rabbits in Thailand right now, if you have rabbits that are living outside you really might want to think about moving their home inside — at least temporarily — as our currently over-100 degree temperature in Bangkok can kill them. Fast.

If you do have rabbits in Thailand, make sure you are giving them plenty of cold water to keep them hydrated and, if they’re inside, turn on the air conditioner as much as you possibly can.

You can also fill up a large plastic milk bottle with water, freeze it and then place it in your rabbit’s cage. When they get too hot, they’ll tend to lean against it to cool off a little.

My two rabbits are indoor rabbits so, for them, the current intense heat in Bangkok hasn’t been quite so brutal. I have the air conditioner on at least half of the day, which keeps the apartment quite cool. When it warms up a little bit, the rabbits disappear under the sofa where it’s darker and a little cooler, and lie full-length on the porcelain tiles to keep cool. They seem to be surviving quite nicely doing that.

Although, as you can see from the photograph above, it’s apparently hard work for rabbits in Thailand, even on a not-too-hot day, so a nice relaxing lie-down is often called for.