Location-tracking wristbands in Thailand likely to keep tourists away — Phuket sandbox becoming a jail with punishments

One thing the Thai government of Prayut Chan-o-cha does not seem to understand when it comes to location-tracking wristbands is, when it comes to tourists from developed countries, there are few that would ever visit a country requiring them.

Not when they have complete freedom in most of the EU to travel anywhere, and beyond.

Location-tracking wristbands in Thailand, you ask. What the hell are they?

What are these location-tracking wristbands in Thailand?

The mandatory wristbands are the latest brainchild of Thai authorities. People seemingly determined to make sure most tourists have no interest in returning to Thailand when the so-called ‘Phuket Sandbox’ begins operating on July 1st.

Location-tracking wristbands that must be worn at all times by every tourist arriving on Phuket, and wristbands that will monitor where a tourist in Thailand goes.

If any tourist leaves their mandatory 14-day quarantine on Phuket while wearing the wristband, because quarantine is what the mandatory Phuket confinement is, they will then be caught and punished.

Punishments that will apparently be dealt out not only to any tourist that visits Phuket beginning on July 1st and decides to leave before their 14-days stuck on the island is over, but also to anyone that helps them escape.

Along with the location-tracking wristbands in Thailand, any tourist visiting Phuket will also be required to download the Mor Chana tracking app to their phone.

And, if you don’t think this is bad enough, look out for the facial recognition cameras that are being installed. Cameras that will help identify tourists who go to Phuket and then travel to somewhere else in Thailand before their 14 days on the Thai island are up.

Anyone who also appreciates not being treated like a criminal then may want to reconsider their trip as well.

Meanwhile, the so-called Phuket Sandbox kicks off on July 1st (here are the restrictions you can expect to have to abide by), but don’t expect the vast majority of tourists to take advantage of it.

Not when most of Europe is now open, with none of the restrictions mandated by Thai authorities for anyone planning a trip to Phuket.