Massive Electronics Sale at Mall Ngam Wong Wan in Bangkok, Thailand

electronics sale at mall ngam wong wan

If you’re in Bangkok, Thailand and in the market for electronics, you might want to check out the massive ‘Sale of the Year’ electronics sale at the Mall Ngam Wong Wan in Nonthaburi, Bangkok this week and over the weekend.

Electronics merchants are selling refrigerators, air-conditioners, ovens, irons, hair dryers, microwaves, rice cookers, flat screen TVs, mobile phones and more at up to 70 percent off. Most brand names — Samsung, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi etc — are included as well.

Now, I am always one of those skeptics when it comes to “70 percent off electronics” sales in Thailand as, just like anywhere, that 70 percent off isn’t always exactly that. But, after checking out the massive electronics sale at the Mall Ngam Wong Wan yesterday, I have to say this one is the ‘real deal’.

In fact, so real is it that I actually bumped into the owner of my apartment building and his daughter who were there to buy 20 air conditioning units.

After checking prices at other places, they told me the Mall’s current electronics sale was offering air conditioners far cheaper than they could buy them anywhere else. He, being a Chinese-Thai business man who really knows his stuff, I have to say I tend to believe him.

Don’t forget too, if you pay with a credit card from Citibank, Krungthai or any number of other banks or financial lenders, you will even get an extra percentage off depending on how much each lender is offering.

The Mall Ngam Wong Wan’s ‘Sale of the Year’ on electronics runs through until May 8th, 2013.

The Mall Ngam Wong Wan, by the way, is located on Ngam Wong Wan Road and, just in case you’ve never been there, it is absolutely enormous.

You can get to The Mall Ngam Wong Wan from Mo Chit BTS sky train station, and then a further 10 minutes or so in a taxi. Depending on traffic, of course.