Pattaya Music Festival 2022 postponed as Thai authorities continue to panic over Covid-19


As Thai authorities’ panic over Covid-19 continues well into its third year, the upcoming Pattaya Music Festival has been postponed because of “a rise in Covid cases” in the Pattaya area.

The decision was announced by the Pattaya City Public Relations Department earlier today.

Cases of a virus, by the way, that at this point causes no more than mild cold symptoms for most people that even experience symptoms, while most that test positive for the virus remain completely asymptomatic.

But, as per usual, Thai authorities are so caught up in ‘rising Covid cases’ they can’t see straight for fear.

Fear that has now caused next month’s Pattaya Music Festival to be postponed, and with no indication of when it will take place.

If at all.

Pattaya Music Festival postponed but no new date announced

Pattaya Music Festival 2022 was originally supposed to take place every weekend in March, with most artists planning on performing during the event already confirmed.

Unfortunately, it is Thai authorities’ continued panic over Covid-19, and cancellations like this event, why we at Tasty Thailand still recommend avoiding any travel to Thailand until authorities have finally moved on from Covid.

After all, while many other countries around the world are now going back to normal, dropping all Covid restrictions and simply living with the virus, Thai authorities seem to be stuck in the same ongoing panic.

This means entry regulations into the country are still ridiculously strict, Covid rules and regulations change within Thailand weekly and sometimes daily, and major events like the Pattaya Music Festival are still being postponed.

With many other countries to travel to that are not imposing these at-this-point unnecessary restrictions, we sadly recommend traveling to one of them instead.

Meanwhile, with Songkran just over six weeks away, it is still likely water activities in Thailand will be banned as well.

After all, you might catch a minor cold from someone standing next to you while they shoot you with a water pistol.

And we can’t have that now, can we?

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