Price of Egg McMuffins at McDonald’s in Bangkok, Thailand

mcmuffin with egg bangkok thailand mcdonalds


In the decade and a bit I’ve lived in Bangkok, Thailand, I think I’ve been into McDonald’s less than five times and that was usually only for an ice cream or a cup of coffee. This week, though, I headed to a Bangkok McDonald’s with a friend, as he was craving an Egg McMuffin so I tagged along and, of course, once there I had to have one myself.

That’s when I discovered the price of Egg McMuffins in Bangkok, Thailand are actually quite inexpensive at only 39 baht, or $1.21, for a basic Egg McMuffin and, taste-wise, they’re not bad either.

Of course, being with my friend, who likes a larger meal so always has to order ‘sets’, we ended up with an Egg McMuffin meal or ‘set’ each. Again, though, at only 84 baht for the set ($2.61), which comes with hash browns and a cup of coffee just like it does in America, it was still a cheap enough breakfast.

If you’re not a huge fan of the plain Egg McMuffin, you can also order a Sausage McMuffin, Double Sausage McMuffin, Bacon McMuffin and a Pepper Chicken McMuffin at an McDonald’s in Bangkok, but that will add another dollar or two onto the price of your meal, as well as a lot more calories.