Safety in Thailand Not Something Thais Think About Often (Exploding Cigarette Video)


One of the first things you worry about when you come to Thailand is safety or the lack thereof. Don’t get me wrong, as far as muggings or violent crime, Thailand is one of the world’s safest places for foreigners and tourists, so there’s no worries there.

No, what I mean are common everyday events that, in most developed countries would be treated with at least some typical safety measures, in Thailand are treated like “Eh…’s no big deal”. Then Thais wonder why they get hit by cars, fall off cliffs, or blown up by exploding things that should never have exploded in the first place — not if basic safety precautions in Thailand were followed that is.

Of course, the longer you are here, the more it seems normal and, I must admit, my safety precautions in Thailand are far worse than they were when I lived in the west. The Thai “Mai bpen rai” (it means “never mind, don’t worry”) will do that to you.

Anyway, what led to all this conversation was a video I re-watched today that was filmed in Thailand five or six years ago. Known as “Thailand’s Exploding Cigarette“,  it’s actually become quite famous on the Discovery Channel’s “Destroyed in Seconds” show.

And that’s because, in very few other countries would an event be held where a massive cigarette is filled with balloons that have helium in them and then be cut in half with a metal sword.  The Thais involved obviously didn’t figure out that “spark” and “explosion” were two words that probably went well together here.

See for yourself. It’s the guy at the end without eyebrows I find particularly amusing. And yes, luckily, nobody was seriously hurt or I really wouldn’t be laughing.