Should Western Men Bring Condoms to Thailand? How Many Can You Bring?

Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand’s former prime minister wearing a condom hat. He’s the only leader in the world who would jeopardize his reputation this way. As one Pheu Thai MP, Prasit Chaiwiratana, said during a House meeting. “AIDS is also a big problem. But I have never seen any prime minister trying to solve the problem by wearing condoms on his head.”

If you plan on having sex in Thailand, or think there is even a remote chance you might then, yes, bring your own condoms.

Of course, Thailand isn’t a backwater. It is, in fact, just as developed as many western countries in the larger cities so you can easily find condoms here. Many condoms you buy in the west are actually made in Thailand.

But, as you may have heard, Thai men have smaller penises than western men (yes, on average they do, and I have this on good authority from several gay friends who have seen plenty of them), so condoms are often on the small side for western men.

That means, unless you can find large or extra-large Durex condoms (they sell Durex and other brands at 7-11s and supermarkets all over Thailand) you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle when the Thai condoms you bought suddenly break.

That is why it is usually best if you bring your own favorite brand with you.

We have also had people ask us if there is a limit to how many condoms you can bring into Thailand. Think about it. You are coming to Thailand for a three-month holiday and half a dozen condoms probably won’t last that long. So can you bring as many as you want?

Honestly, yes. I have never heard of anyone being stopped by Thai customs and made to hand over their stash of condoms. They really don’t care.

Besides, they were probably rather you were careful, instead of impregnating some Thai girl whose baby you might not bother taking care of.

So, the rules for condom use in Thailand are simple. Bring your own favorite condoms with you and, remember, you can’t go wrong if you shield your dong.

Yes, Thailand has a high AIDS rate (although it is falling annually), so don’t take any chances.

Now watch the Bill Gates’ Heroes video about Thailand’s Mr. Condom, Mechai Viravaidya below – the coolest guy in Thailand, and someone who is credited with almost single-handedly lowering the rate of HIV infection in Thailand.