Shouldn’t the Temperature in Thailand Be Warmer Than This?

fruit shakes bangkok
I haven’t needed many iced drinks lately, as it’s definitely been chilly.

I have lived in Thailand for over a decade and in that time I have become used to the heat as the temperature in Thailand is always hot. Now, when I say ‘hot’, I mean temperatures between 90 and 105 degrees all year round including the country’s so-called ‘winter’. That is because Bangkok is officially the world’s hottest city.

The running joke in Thailand is that winter usually lasts no more than three to four days in December. Yes. Days. Then back it goes to 93 degrees, the usual temperature in Thailand, and pretty much stays there, or higher, until ‘winter’ of the following year. Even overnight.

Put it this way, you haven’t sweat in your life until you have spent a few days in Bangkok. Then you’ll wonder why you ever complained about the weather back home.

So, you can only imagine my surprise and my discomfort now that Bangkok temperature in the evenings and overnight has fallen to the high 60s and it has been this way for more than six weeks!

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, Thailand is experiencing the coldest weather in more than 30 years. In northern Thailand, where it is even colder, several people have died from the extreme cold because they don’t own the necessary warm clothes, blankets or heating units to combat it. How sad is that?

All I can say is when I moved to Bangkok I had no idea I would end up sleeping in a thick down coat and wooly socks as my room is so cold late at night and there’s no such thing as an electric heater.

Then again, I am not complaining. My electricity bill for the last two months has been $50 cheaper than most months before that, which has meant more amazing Thai food, Thai cocktails and time spent shopping at Bangkok markets for me. Yay for global warning!

Okay. Not really.

But shouldn’t the temperature in Bangkok be warmer than this?