Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand: Thai New Year, 2011

This week is the Thai New Year festival. Known as ‘Songkran’ in Thailand, the Thai New Year happens every year from April 13th to the 15th.  In Bangkok, you’ll find festivities all over the city, but particularly in the Khao San Road area, with its enormous mass water fights.

If you venture outside any time during the day during Songkran, expect to get wet too. You’ll be sprayed by kids with water pistols, have buckets of water thrown at you from passing trucks loaded down with water barrels, and even hosed down as you walk by their houses by some of the more aggressive neighbors around Bangkok.

It’s all in good fun of course, not meant to hurt or annoy anyone, and is a wonderful way to not only celebrate the Thai New Year, but also to keep cool in Bangkok’s intense heat.

Don’t worry too. Water spraying usually ends around 6pm, so you can go out in the evening in Bangkok, safe in the knowledge you won’t arrive back home wet.

For more information, including the Thai custom of visiting and worshipping at 9 specific sacred temples in Bangkok during Songkran, check out Songkran Splendours.

Sawatdee pee mai (Happy New Year).