Thai Girls are the World’s Sweetest Women

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Thai girls are the world’s sweetest women

Every time I meet a new Thai woman, I always think how Thai girls are the world’s sweetest women. Now, before your mind heads to the gutter and sticks me in with all the 60-year-old western men in Thailand walking around with their 20-year-old Thai girlfriends, let me just say I’m female and just about as heterosexual as they come.

That being said, after meeting women in countries on every continent, I have to say Thai women are some of my favorites.

Why are Thai girls so nice?

When you meet a Thai woman for the first time, 99.9 percent of the time they are sweet, polite, friendly and kind. Unlike some western women, where you’ll get an ‘attitude’ when you meet them, or in some cases a surliness that leaves you wondering why they even bother leaving the house, you will rarely if ever see a Thai woman behaving like that. It simply doesn’t seem to be in their nature or, for that matter, in their upbringing.

Brought up in a society where being polite, respectful, sweet, friendly and kind is prized, it’s no wonder I’ve made so many incredible female friends in Thailand as every Thai woman I meet is just so darned nice.

In fact, out of the thousands of Thai women I’ve met and the more than 50 I classify as friends (I’ve lived in Bangkok for years!) I can only think of two Thai women I didn’t particularly care for when I met them and, even though I’ve been in their company many times since, that feeling has never changed.

Thai girls weak and an easy pushover? Don’t make me laugh

Don’t make the mistake that many westerners make, however, by thinking just because Thai girls are brought up to be gentle and polite, that makes them weak and an easy pushover. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve met some of the strongest, smartest women I’ve ever met in Thailand and some that, while they might look like a stiff wind would blow them over, have a force of will that won’t be bent too easily.

I think actually that’s part of the attraction of Thai women. They look incredibly feminine, beautiful and serene, yet treat them worse than they deserve to be treated and you really will live to regret it.

Meanwhile, I’m just luxuriating in having so many wonderful Thai female friends. It really makes life so nice.