Thai Life Insurance’s Ad “Unsung Hero” Goes Viral on YouTube

unsung hero thai life insurance


A new advert from Thai Life Insurance has gone viral on YouTube with, the last time I checked, more than 5,800,000 views.

The Thai Life Insurance ad is called “Unsung Hero” and shows a young Thai man as he goes about his day — helping a food seller move her heavy cart, feeding a street dog, giving money to a beggar for her small child’s education — small things some people do, many people don’t, and all done without thought of anything in return.

The ad goes on to say “What he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness, reaches a deeper understanding, feels the love, receives what money can’t buy – a world made more beautiful”.

Yes, the ad is beautiful and, yes, it made me cry.

After all, isn’t this how every Buddhist and every other caring human being should act every day?

You can watch the Thai Life Insurance “Unsung Hero” ad below. Bet you cry!