Thai Men – Are They The New Romeos?



Thailand is famous for its women. Beautiful, petite and charming, they’re often a Western man’s dream. If the women are so sought-after though, what about Thai men? Does the same hold true for them? Are Thai men the new Romeos?

As a Western woman living in Thailand I admit dating here can be a bit of a nightmare. The Western guys are here for the Thai women so that leaves us with the Thai guys. But….. you won’t hear me complaining on that score. Given a choice of a Western guy in Bangkok or a Thai guy, I’ll choose a Thai guy any day of the week and here’s why.

Thai men are sweet. They’re kind, generous and funny and they know how to take care of a woman. All the Thai men I know pay for most things when they’re out with a woman, (not something I really think is important but, as a woman, it definitely makes you feel special and taken care of), they call you just to talk (and they’ll talk for hours), and they’ll even carry your bag at the mall (looks a bit gay at first, then you get used to it and realize just how sweet it really is).

And did I mention the Thai guy’s beautiful brown eyes, toned body and the fact that, even when you’re in a bad mood, they’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll soon forget why you were in the bad mood in the first place?

Most Thai men aren’t aggressive like many Western men are, and they still believe in traditional values. Family is important, friends are equally important, and being a ‘good man’ (often related to Buddhist values) is something they all aim for. Of course, not all of them succeed but, hey, at least they’re trying.

It beats the goals of some of the Western men I know whose idea of being a ‘good man’ is too drink too much alcohol, get into a fight with another ‘good man’, then head home where they blame their girlfriend for all their problems.

Speaking of ‘good men’, I recently met a Thai guy who is probably the nicest man I’ve ever met. He’s smart and funny, kind and sweet, cares about others and is one of those guys you always hope you’ll meet but never do.

To me, a Western woman who has traveled everywhere and experienced many things, this guy is still a breath of fresh air. He’s someone you’d think at first glance might be quite boring but then, as you get to know him, you start to peel away the Thai layers and realize he’s more complicated than he first seems.

He has a strength of character and a sense of right and wrong that is rooted in Buddhism and a soul that seems so naive and simple, yet at the same time so old and wise. He has a child-like quality I’ve only ever seen in Thai men, but one that’s so endearing I find myself more and more drawn to him the better I get to know him.

Now, as much as I love men, I’m not easily captivated by them so, if this guy has impressed me so much, you can only imagine how amazing he is.

This, I think, is the secret of the Thai man and why so many Western women I know are moving away from Western men and into the arms of Thai guys. Thai men creep slowly into your life and because many of them are less aggressive in personality than Western guys, at first you don’t take them that seriously.

Then you wake up one day and realize the Thai guy you barely noticed is suddenly in your thoughts a lot more than you expected. That’s when you realize you’ve now joined the world of those who appreciate Thai men and things will never be the same again.

Photo – KenTheeradej, one of Thailand’s most famous actors – and he’s so cute!