Thailand allows visitors from U.S., UK, Germany, Singapore and China from Nov 1st but none of these countries are ‘low-risk’

While little the Thai government of Prayut Chan-o-cha has done over the last 20 months of the Covid-19 crisis has made much sense, today’s announcement visitors from the U.S., UK, Germany, Singapore and China will be allowed into Thailand from November 1st makes no sense at all.

No scientific sense, no logical sense, and sure as hell no sense when it comes to fully vaccinated people from supposed ‘low-risk’ countries being allowed into Thailand without quarantine, as none of these countries are currently considered remotely low-risk.

Five countries is also not the 10 countries Prayut talked about just two days ago.

Meanwhile, the United States is averaging between 110,000 and 92,000 new Covid-19 cases a day depending on the day and has had more Covid-19 cases than any other country in the world over the last 20 months.

With vaccinations now faltering in that country, it appears it may be quite a while before new daily Covid cases in America fall to low levels.

The United Kingdom, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries and with a population over five times lower than the United States, had a massive 45,066 new cases reported today. The country has also been seeing a huge spike in daily caseloads for several weeks now.

Germany too has constantly rising Covid cases, with yesterday’s cases at 12,309, and an alarming 22,403 cases on one day just last week after a summer of falling numbers.

China, of course, can’t be trusted with any numbers they release, as the CCP would have us believe the country has only had 96,478 cases of Covid-19 since the crisis began.

Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it.

As for Singapore, cases there are now skyrocketing with the Singaporean government seemingly in flat out panic and reenacting absurd restrictions that make no scientific sense.

Yep, Thailand is welcoming people from ‘low-risk’ countries starting November 1st. The problem is, the five countries the government has named are not.