Thailand’s domestic flights cut to many provinces in January 2021 — your flight may be cancelled

If you have planned a trip to any of Thailand’s 73 provinces, and have booked a domestic flight, it is recommended you check with your airline before heading to the airport.

That is due to many of Thailand’s domestic flights being cut in January, 2021 to a large number of the country’s provinces.

Flight reductions are occurring because of Covid-19 restrictions in specific areas of the country limiting the number of people allowed to arrive, or due to Thai airlines cutting the number of flights as a result of lower passenger numbers.

This could mean a flight you are scheduled to fly on is still scheduled the day before you leave, but not scheduled on the day of your departure.

Thais and others resident in the Kingdom are also being asked to limit domestic flights in order not to spread the Covid-19 virus, or to postpone non-essential travel. This is also reducing demand for seats.

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Last week, some airlines flying domestic routes in Thailand were reporting fewer than 10 passengers on a flight. With those kinds of numbers, they have little choice but to cut the number of daily or weekly flights until bookings increase.

Until that happens, airlines recommend you keep up-to-date with their announcements by checking their websites or calling their hotlines.

You should also stay abreast of any national or local government announcements pertaining to new restrictions that may make it necessary for you to postpone or cancel your flight.

VIA: National News Bureau of Thailand