What are the Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for Thai Women in Thailand?


In recent years, the number of Thai women getting some form of plastic surgery has grown in leaps and bounds. Once the realm of only the wealthy, nowadays even Thai girls working in shops, restaurants, and other unskilled jobs are saving their money for plastic surgery. Of course, like anywhere, Thai women choose all types of plastic surgery, but three particular types of plastic surgery in Thailand are still the most popular.

Breast Enhancement (Boob Jobs) – Boob jobs are one of the most popular types of plastic surgery for Thai girls, simply because, as far as boobs go, most of them were at the back of the queue when they were being handed out. With average sizes in the 32A-34B range, and with many Thai women as flat as boards, Thai girls are now in love with the boob size of many western women, and they want them for themselves.

Getting a boob job in Thailand, at a good private hospital, is far cheaper than in the US and, with recovery time of only a few weeks, Thai girls are lining up to get them.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs) – The thing Thai girls worry about when it comes to noses is the lack of a western-style bridge. Asian noses, for the most part, tend to have a flat bridge, not prominent like most western noses, and Thai women are desperate to have one.

Personally, I never notice the “lack of a bridge”, love Asian noses, and really wonder what all the fuss is about. But, if that’s what a typical Thai girl wants to have, really, who am I to judge?

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery – Many Asians don’t have a typical double eyelid like most westerners do, meaning they’re born without an eyelid crease. So, for Thai girls who are now following the fashion trend in South Korea, getting surgery to create a double eyelid is vital.

Having your eyelids operated on just to create a crease is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, particularly as most Asian girls have beautiful eyes. But, try telling a Thai girl who really wants a crease in her eyelid how “dumb” she is. They just don’t listen.