What does 55555 mean in Thailand social media posts?


As someone who has lived in Thailand for almost two decades, I take it for granted that most people I speak to online know what ‘55555’ means when seen in a Thai social media post.

In fact, I shouldn’t do, as I forget, people that are non-Thai or who have not spent much time in the Kingdom, would have no earthly idea what ‘55555’ is supposed to mean.

And why should they?

So, what does 55555 mean in Thailand? And why do Thais use it on social media?

55555 in Thailand

Simply, and actually quite cutely, 55555 in Thailand is just the Thai version of ‘hahahahaha’.

That is because the Thai word for ‘five’ is ‘ha’ (ห้า) and, rather than type the more bulky ‘hahahahaha’, Thais just jam their finger on the number 5 key on their keyboard and laugh away.

And no, there is no rule in Thailand for how many ‘has’ are acceptable. You can use as many, or as few as you like.

55555 is the secret code for the Thailand fan

Plus, I love seeing non-Thais use 55555 on social media, as it proves to me not only have they probably spent a considerable amount of time in Thailand, but they also likely love Thai culture.

55555 — it’s like a secret code for the Thailand fan.

For more on Thai numbers, check out the video below, as it will teach you not only how to say 1-10 in Thai, but write the numbers in Thai script as well.

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