What is Phuket, Thailand Really Like?

During my 10 years living in Thailand, one of the places I have visited the most is Phuket. A large southern Thai island, Phuket is one of the country’s most-visited tourist spots. Why? Because it is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, for anyone who has never visited Phuket, the first question they will usually ask is “What is Phuket, Thailand really like?”

To which I can answer — the island is relaxing, beautiful, full of friendly people, with some of the world’s best beaches, fabulous restaurants, cool cafes, nice independent shops and tons of things to do.

Oh, and by the way, the name of the island is pronounced “Poo-ket” and not “Fucket”. 🙂

If you want to know what Phuket is really like, however, you cannot do much better than watching this beautiful just over four minute video lovingly put together by Jrbazil.

It shows you Phuket’s stunning beaches, the ocean, the boats, the people and just why Phuket is such a fabulous place to visit. What more could you need to look at to figure out what Phuket, Thailand is really like?

Then, once you have watched it, the only thing you have left to do is to book your own holiday trip to a travel destination you will never regret visiting.

Love from Phuket. ภูเก็ต Thailand 2009. from Jrbazil on Vimeo.