What is the Thai Word for ‘Rabbit’?

Rabbits lunchtime



As the owner of two incredibly cute rabbits in Thailand, I’m often being asked a question by non-Thais I might not have been able to answer myself before I bought my own adorable bunnies. The question often asked is, “What is the Thai word for ‘rabbit’?

Weirdly, it’s a Thai word I remembered from the minute someone told it to me several years ago — which is unusual for me, a farang (westerner) who often struggles remembering specific Thai vocabulary.

The Thai word for ‘rabbit’ is กระต่าย — with the transliteration into roman phonetics so you can actually pronounce it being ‘gradtai’ or (‘grad-tai’).

So you can say “mee grad-tai neung tua” meaning ‘I have one rabbit‘ or “mee grad-tai song tua” if you have two rabbits and are speaking to someone who understands Thai.

Hope that helps?