What You’ll Find at SCB Plaza at Ratchayothin in Bangkok, Thailand

SCB Plaza — the two green glass buildings in the background

One of the oft overlooked shopping and office centers in Bangkok is SCB Plaza. SCB, also known as Siam Commercial Bank’s headquarter building, is located on Ratchadapisek Road in northern Bangkok.

SCB Plaza is popular with locals who live and work in the area. Expats who are doing business with Siam Commercial Bank or other international companies in the building also frequent SCB Plaza.

But where is it and what does it have to offer?

Where is SCB Plaza in Bangkok? – This office and shopping complex is located on Ratchadapisek Road just north of Pahonyothin Road and opposite the new Major Avenue restaurant complex. SCB has two large shopping areas as well as two office towers. It’s approximately 10 minutes by taxi or car from Mo Chit sky train station and five minutes from Pahonyothin underground station.

Office Complex at SCB Plaza – Much of the complex is taken up with Siam Commercial Bank and all its offices, as this is the bank’s head office. Unilever also has offices here as well as market research facilities where local Thais are questioned about Unilever products. There’s a language school and a music school in the office complex and Toyota has office here too.

Eating at SCB Plaza – The plaza is an excellent place to stop off and grab lunch or dinner as there are so many food choices. McDonalds, Au Bon Pain, S&P (a Thai chain restaurant), Sizzler and Starbucks have locations here.

For Asian choices, there’s a Japanese restaurant, several independent Thai restaurants, a couple of Thai bakeries, Coffee Bean – a Thai coffee shop with good coffee and sandwiches), and a Chinese tea shop. There’s also a fresh fruit juice and shake shop, a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop and a tiny shop selling a large selection of imported candy.

Shopping at SCB Plaza – SCB Plaza has several interesting shops. In the first building, you’ll find two or three inexpensive clothing shops and a sportswear shop. There’s a camera shop, with prices not much more expensive than the famous Pantip Plaza in Bangkok.

If you’re looking for gifts, a corner gifts shop selling soft toys, cute ornaments, jewelry, cell phone accessories, and a lot of Hello Kitty merchandise is a great place to find something cute.. In the same area, you’ll find a decent liquor store with a good selection of whisky. Don’t miss the 7-11 at the end of this section for drinks, snacks or food-to-go.

Services at SCB Plaza – On the weekends particularly, SCB is popular as, due to the ease of parking, it’s a great place to park and run quick errands. The complex has a Boots chemist for any medical or toiletry needs.

There are two dry cleaners, a couple a print and office supply shops, a one-stop mail shop, opticians and, of course, Siam Commercial Bank for all your banking needs. You can get your errands done quickly then grab a coffee or lunch before heading back home.

If you’re in northern Bangkok and don’t feel like doing the long trek downtown, then SCB Plaza is a convenient location for shopping, errands and a quick bite to eat. It’s also across the street from Major Avenue, another restaurant area and Major Ratchayothin with its shops, bowling alley and movie theatres.