When are Thailand’s national holidays in 2023? There are 18 of them

Songkran in Thailand – photo by laydown via Pixabay

One thing you will learn if you spend any length of time in Thailand is that there always seems to be a national holiday going on.

No surprise in that really though, as Thailand has a total of 18 national holidays in 2023 — which is generally quite a few more than the country you may currently live in.

Of course, the dates of those holidays change depending on the year and, unlike some other countries, if a holiday falls on a weekend, Thailand substitutes another day so that Thais actually get a day off work/school.

Here then are the national holidays in Thailand in 2023:

January, 2023

1st January: New Year’s Day

2nd January: Substitution holiday for New Year’s Day

March, 2023

6th March: Makha Bucha Day

April, 2023

6th April: Chakri Day

13-15th April: Songkran

May, 2023

1st May: Labour Day

4th May: Coronation Day

June, 2023

3rd June: Visakha Bucha Day

5th June: Substitution holiday for Visakha Bucha Day

July, 2023

28th July: Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s birthday

August, 2023

1st August: Asahna Bucha Day

2nd August: Khao Phansa Day

12th August: Mother’s Day (also birthday of Queen Sirikit)

14th August: Substitution holiday for Mother’s Day

October, 2023

12th October: Father’s Day (also King Bhumibol Adulyadej Memorial Day)

23rd October: Chulalongkorn Day

December, 2023

5th December: King Bhumibol’s birthday

10th December: Constitution Day

11th December: Substitution day for Constitution Day

31st December: New Year’s Eve

These are all 18 of Thailand’s national holidays in 2023.

Of course, like the rest of the year in Thailand, it will be rare to find everything closed. Especially in tourist areas where, even on national holidays, while banks and government offices will be closed, many of the stores, restaurants, cafes and tourist spots will remain open.