When is deadline to apply for Thailand Covid visa extension in July, 2021?

With yet another deadline approaching for foreigners currently in the country to apply for a Thailand ‘Covid visa extension’, many seem to be confused as to when that deadline is and when they will be deemed to be in Thailand illegally if they miss it.

So, let’s set the record straight for anyone still unsure (and no surprise there, as local authorities have made the process of applying for a Thailand Covid visa extension as clear as mud ever since these extensions became available).

Who can get a Covid visa extension in Thailand in July, 2021?

Anyone who falls into one of these three categories is eligible for a visa extension due to the current Covid situation:

  • A foreigner who cannot return to their home country due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • There are no return flights to a foreigner’s home country available.
  • The foreigner has a letter from their embassy requesting a temporary stay.


Thai government form regarding letter from an embassy

When is deadline to apply for Covid visa extension in Thailand in July, 2021?

The deadline is July 29th and, once you have applied and been approved, your visa will be extended for 60-days past the date your current visa expires.

Thailand Immigration, however, is recommending you apply at least one week prior to July 29th (so July 22nd at the latest), as their offices will be closed on July 26th and 28th for public holidays.

If you leave it too late, offices could be crowded and may make your wait longer or even cause you to miss the deadline.

Like previous visa extensions due to Covid, it will cost 1,900 baht, which is payable upon application.
This is the Thai government’s information for a previous Covid-related visa extension

Will there be more Covid visa extensions in Thailand after July?

While the Thai government has not announced another extension after the current one, it is highly likely another will be granted by the end of September.

Few international tourists will be arriving in Thailand through at least the end of 2021, which means the government will want to keep as much international money in the country as possible.

Some countries (Australia, we’re looking at you!) are still making it difficult for their citizens to return home due to Covid restrictions as well, which will also mean foreign tourists will need a legal option to remain outside their home country until restrictions ease.