Where to Buy Men’s and Women’s Belts in Bangkok, Thailand

mens and womens belts bangkok thailand


One of the great things about shopping for fashion accessories in Bangkok, Thailand are the huge number of shops selling men’s, women’s and children’s belts. In fact, if you’re looking for men’s and women’s belts in Bangkok you may find yourself mesmerized by the enormous selection, the beautiful quality and, of course, the cheap prices.

That being said,with so many places to shop at in Bangkok for belts for just about everyone, there are a few shopping venues I suggest you check out first. That’s because they have not only some of the cheapest prices in Bangkok, but the quality is excellent and the selection huge.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – One of my favorite places to shop for men’s and women’s belts, Chatuchak Weekend Market is fabulous as there are literally hundreds of stalls that sell them.

Start your search by picking up a free map of the market and finding the clothing and fashion accessories section, as this is where you’ll find many of the belt stalls or shops selling belts as part of their accessories inventory.

You’ll find everything from leather, plastic and rubber men’s, women’s and children’s belts, to fake brand name belts, vintage belts and some incredibly unique belts I’ve never seen anywhere else.

As for price, I’ve picked up belts as cheap as 50 baht ($1.50), but have never paid more than 200 baht ($6.25), and that’s usually for a leather belt. Most belt stalls can also punch holes for you, if the belt you find is too large and it’s all done free of charge.

You’ll find Chatuchak Weekend Market next to the Mo Chit BTS sky train station in northern Bangkok. It’s open on Friday evenings, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays beginning around 9:30am

MBK (Mahboonkrong Mall) – One of the cheapest and most popular malls in Bangkok, MBK or Mahboonkrong Mall is a mecca for those who love inexpensive clothing and fashion accessories.

Here, you’ll find stalls dedicated to nothing but men’s and women’s belts, as well as shoe shops that also sell belts, and various clothing and accessories stores. You’ll even find knock-off brand name belts, if you’re in the market for those, and at very cheap prices.

Be warned, though, MBK gets incredibly busy from lunchtime onwards, so get there earlier in the day if you don’t want to deal with monstrous crowds.

MBK is right next to the National Stadium BTS sky train station in downtown Bangkok, so easy to find.

Pratunam Market and Baiyoke Towers – Prantuman Market and Baiyoke Towers are the places to shop if you want to buy men’s and women’s belts in Bangkok at wholesale prices, as these are the places where the more you buy the cheaper the price is per item.

Pratunam Market is particularly good for anyone looking for import quality goods, as here is where many of Thailand’s import and export companies buy their products. You’ll find leather, plastic, rubber, silk, and cotton belts, as well as belts in snake and crocodile, if that’s what you prefer.

Just remember, to ask about the price if you buy three items or more, as most stalls begin to rapidly discount when you buy multiple items. You can, however, just buy one item but, of course, the price for that one item will be quite a bit higher.

Pratunam Market and Baiyoke Towers are also awesome places to find clothing, shoes and accessories, so if you want to kit yourself out or buy an entirely new wardrobe of clothing, I recommend you start right here.

Both Pratunam Market and Baiyoke Towers are easy to find as, once you find one, the other is right next to it.

Just take the sky train to Chidlom BTS station and then take a taxi. You can walk it, but unless you know where you’re going, it is easy to get lost. A taxi makes the journey easy and won’t cost you more than 40 baht ($1.25).