Where to Buy the Cheapest Tailored Clothes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stalls at Warorot Market – copyright yeowatzup, Creative Commons license

One of the best things about taking a vacation in Thailand, or even living here, is how cheap  you can get the most beautiful tailored clothing in Thailand. But, I have a tip for you about getting tailored clothes in Chiang Mai — a tip a Thai tour guide friend gave me years ago, and one which I’ve never forgotten.

Because of it, I know where to get the cheapest tailored clothes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And yes, I’m going to tell you.

The first time I was in Chiang Mai I bought a tailored traditional Thai silk suit at a tailor in town. At around $100 for the suit (a full-fitted jacket and a floor-length lined silk skirt), being made from gorgeous Thai silk, I thought it was cheap as, back in the west, it would cost about five times more.

However, after buying the initial suit my Thai tour guide friend told me to visit another tailor in Chiang Mai, and order a second tailored silk suit that would be much cheaper. He told me to go to :

Warorot Market  – Warorot Market is the largest market in Chiang Mai and is just a few blocks walk from the Night Bazaar as well as a few blocks walk from the famous Tha Pae Gate. It is not a market for tourists. It is a traditional Thai market for Thais, and it’s dirt cheap.

At Warorot Market, it is mainly foodstuffs on the ground floor — a type of ‘wet market’, but up on the higher floors you’ll find dirt cheap household items, electronics and clothing and, of course, many stalls selling fabric.

It’s here where you will find a tailor, as most of the stalls will have them or be able to take the fabric you choose and get a local tailor to make tailored clothing for you.

As for my suit, I found a stall with silk fabric I liked and asked the stall owner, if I chose the fabric, could she make me a fitted suit (again, a fitted, lined jacket and a lined silk skirt). She said she could and that it would take her 24 hours.

I picked out a bolt of beautiful green silk, then she pulled me into the back of the stall and spent five minutes measuring what felt like every part of my body.

That being done, she asked me to pay, gave me a receipt and told me to come back the next day.

On my return, I was amazed to find an absolutely stunning green Thai silk suit that fit me absolutely perfectly. Now remember, the first suit I bought was $100. The second suit, which fit just as well as the first one and I had had two fittings for that, was only $35.

I have had both suits now for several years. They are still gorgeous, and still look just as good as new.

Warorot Market is the cheapest place in Chiang Mai to get clothing, and tailors there can make you anything — fitted suits, skirts, pants, shirts, school uniforms — anything you want, for a price you’ll hardly be able to believe.

Watch the video below for a quick idea of what Warorot Market looks like. It really is a cool place.